It’s my brother’s 18th birthday party tonight, which will be um … fun? My parents are split up, and both Mum and Dad’s family are coming, which will make life awkward for me to say the least. Oh well, atleast it’s a night away from my boyfriend. And I can get drunk.

I have found a new love – torrenting. It’s so much easier than other types of downloading, and I’ve managed to get an album I’ve been looking for online for a month or so – The Dresden Dolls by The Dresden Dolls. I absolutely love this album, aswell as Yes, Virginia … and they are one of my favorite bands ever. My all time favorite singer is Emilie Autumn, electric violins + a beautiful voice + “a post apocalyptic Mary Antoinette” = the most brilliant, victorianindustrial Emilie Autumn.

(L-R The Dresden Dolls, Emilie Autumn)