Geez, I wish Charli would stop ignoring me. I told her how I feel, and now she’s blanking me. Well, talking when she feels like it but no when else :/ Ffs, it’s now just annoying and if she’s going to blank me I’ll just have to get over her. I wish there were more queer girls in my area.


So, I self harm. And I just did. Now, I feel fucking guilty, like always.

Viscous circle, eh?

Oh well. I’ve done it for three years, and probably will for another three, and three after that

And no, nothing you or anyone else can say will stop me. People have tried, and all have failed. Have a appointment with a shrink on Wednesday, and I’m shitting a brick about it. Suicidal teenager gets told she’s messed up. I knew that thanks, anything new? No, didn’t think so. I’ll probably just get drugged up and shoved along. If I get sectioned, I swear I’ll scream. God, I hope I don’t.

Best bit? My parents and best friends have no idea I’ve contacted my doctor, that I’m on the verge of killing myself, or am failing in school. Except one; Kelda, I love you.

So, my first blog post … Ever. Officially. I feel cake and fireworks should be used to celebrate this splendous occasion, but all I have is KFC and Doctor Who. Well, they well do, for David Tennant’s gloriously gorgeous face may be even better than sparklers. Only maybe though.

Whoever next sings ‘Whatcha Say’, prepare to die. It’s ‘Hide and Seek’ by Imogen Heap, idiots. Please correctly identify and appreciate the originals, for they are always far better than any remix or cover, especially if the awe striking voice of Immi is used. /rant.