Geez, I wish Charli would stop ignoring me. I told her how I feel, and now she’s blanking me. Well, talking when she feels like it but no when else :/ Ffs, it’s now just annoying and if she’s going to blank me I’ll just have to get over her. I wish there were more queer girls in my area.


Hello again! Sorry for the long absence, my laptop died and I have only just got a new one. Lots has happened to me since my last post, consisting of;

– Realising I’m completely queer, and gender queer too.

– My friends finding out everything about me.

– Falling in love with a girl who lives a couple of hundred miles away.

I’ll explain these in more detail later.

Check out my youtube: I’ll soon be adding more vlogs and I’m hoping to join a queer collab.

Listen to Alex Day’s album, Parrot Stories, and Ron Pope. They’re beautiful. ❤

Also, I’ve hopefully now got my work experience sorted in a place called Astrium, where they build satellites. I’m so happy as I’ve wanted to work here for a while but thought I wouldn’t be able to, but my dad and step mum tried hard and got me an interview 😀